Testing Instructions

First of all, we are sorry about the problems. Please reboot your phone, and do the following tests.

Test #1

Open Accupedo app and gently keep on shaking a phone up and down to check if Accupedo counts steps? In addition, hold your phone on your hand, check step counts while you are walking. If Accupedo works, then move to Test #2.

If Accupedo does not count at all, please install the AndroSensor app and check if it shows accelerometer (G-sensor) signals. If you cannot see G-sensor signal, then you need to contact a phone manufacturer or service provider to repair or replace your phone.

Test #2

Turn off a phone screen. Put your phone on a waist belt or pocket, and walk for a couple of minutes. If Accupedo does not count your steps while screen is off, then do the following.

Go to Settings > Notification, and enable "Step counts notification". (This is enabled by default) This setting helps the app run continuously.

Some phones kill an app that runs in the background in order to minimize battery consumption. Please follow the Troubleshooting Instructions.

There are three sensing methods: Accupedo, Google Fit, and a built-in step counter. Go to Settings > Sensing method, and test with each method. And, choose a method that works well on your phone.

If step count is less than actual step count at Accupedo sensing method, go to Settings > Sensing method > More settings > Power usage mode, use “More” option.

General instructions to prevent stopping issue

When phone operating system is lack of processing memory because of phone call or other heavy computing, it may kill other apps. You may want to try to reduce the number of apps running in your phone.

If your phone uses a task manager, it may kill apps that use computing resources continuously. Please set the task manager not to kill Accupedo.